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Monday, December 28, 2009

Very Busy Week

What a busy week it has been around here. My grand daughters surprised me with a new puppy the week of Christmas and there hasn't been an ounce of peace and quiet around here since. I have a min pin/chi male that my best friend got me in 2008 and the girls got me this one, who is a female and only 2 1/2 months old, for Christmas. As you can see they have worn themselves out in this photo. Talk about a peaceful time when they both go to sleep.

She seems to think the toys are all hers and poor Chance doesn't know how to handle that problem, considering they are all HIS toys she's playing with. If he grabs a toy she thinks she has to have it instead and the tug of war is on. She's actually won a couple times which surprised me.

I had gotten him a stuffed toy for Christmas and as you can see she has taken full custody of it. It's darn near as big as she is. She's so small, she's the runt of the litter and weighs out at a scrappy 3 pounds. She does know how to strut when she gets her way or backs the adult away.

She's arguing with the male right here. As you can see she's pretty small. That slipper is bigger than she is.

Poor Chance, he's the one you can barely see in the photo, doesn't know what to do with this fisty little ball of energy. I try to help him out as much as I can so he doesn't feel so overwhelmed.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Disney Princess Quilt

Boy was this fun to make. It was fun until the sewing machine decided to take a trip to Miami or something because it quit working. I had to finish this quilt by hand.

This quilt is made with eight 18 x 22 inch panels with two panels showing the four princesses. The other panels are all beautiful pastel colors. I was in Wal-Mart and came across the backing and the colors matched so nicely I got it. The backing is flannel and will keep any little girl warm.

I had to finish the outer seams by hand and do the quilting with yellow and pink yarn.

Very pretty and very practical for the little girl on anybody's Christmas list. Quilt is large enough to fit a twin bed.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winnie The Pooh Child, Baby, Toddler Quilt - Handmade

I have finally accomplished something I thought would never happen, I made my very first large quilt. I had no idea it would be so easy or so much fun. It's amazing how you can take a bunch of fabric, sew it together and come up with such a wonderful, warm blanket for a child, baby, or even yourself's bed. I've done some lap quilts, but they're nothing compared to making one of these larger quilts.

This quilt is Winnie The Pooh and measures 37 3/4 inches across by 66 inches long. I have this listed on all my selling sites; i.e.

Bonanzle ~ http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/The_Rag_Rug_Closet
Etsy ~ http://www.etsy.com/shop/ragrugcloset
eBay ~ http://stores.ebay.com/The-Rag-Rug-Closet?_rdc=1
Artfire ~ http://www.artfire.com/users/The_Rag_Rug_Closet

So, stop on by and say Hi. I would also like to mention, on Bonanzle, eBay and Artfire the item is 25% off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vintage Bark Cloth Lap, Baby, Wall, Quilt

I had a large quilt top that I thought could be converted into lap quilts. So, I cut it into three sections and had a friend do the quilts for me. She completed the first one yesterday and this is what it looks like. It's amazing. I can't wait to see the second one. The third one is for her and she won't get to it for a while.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Rag Rug Closet

I'm a disabled middle age woman who had to find a hobby or start climbing the walls. I decided my rugs wouldn't be those dark, dull colors you see so often with these rugs. I like the pastels and Springlike colors so much better.

I started making rag rugs to supplement my disability and to help with physical therapy. It really hurts my hands when I'm working with the rugs, but there's great satisfaction and forgetfulness of pain once the rug is done and I can see how beautiful it is.

These rugs are made the way our grandmothers used to make them. Each strip of fabric is hand cut, hand sewn and hand crocheted. So, there's a lot of work involved in each and every rug I make. Plus, the task of finding just the right combination of material and colors.

These rugs can be put in the washer but I would really recommend you line dry or lay flat to dry to preserve the rug. If you were to follow the advise given by grandma, you wouldn't put this rug in the washer at all, but would hand wash it.

If you need to get in touch with me about an item please send me an email at tigger021@comcast.net and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I have also started a wonderful group on my own Network for all those who love to create with their hands. You can reach it at http://thehandcrafterscottage.ning.com/. On my site you can post your own page, download pictures and even give the site address for your sales. Hope to see you there.

I also belong to a wonderful group that deals with vintage/antique quilts and bedspreads. http://bonanzle.ning.com/group/vintageantiquequiltsbedspreads. The lady who runs this group is very knowledgable when it comes to vintage quilts and such.


HOMEY, COZY, TOUCH OF SPRING, BEAUTIFUL ... these are just a few remarks that come through on my rugs. I will say, the pictures of all the rag rugs don't do justice to the exact beauty and vibrancy of color that you will get when you see these rugs in person. They are beautiful

I have people tell me they remind them of the rugs their grandmother's used to make or have in their homes.

There's a little story behind the twin of this rug. I had two of these rugs and gave one to a neighbor lady who has had some health issues. She really wanted one of my rugs and the one I gave her matched her kitchen/laundry room area so I gave it to her. She was very surprised when I handed it to her. I get a big smile and comment on how much she loves her new rug and how beautiful it looks in her kitchen/laundry room area.

That's what I try to achieve with my rugs. I love to receive comments like that about the beauty of the rug and how much they love looking at it.

You can see this rug at the following URL address: http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/The_Rag_Rug_Closet/items/Hand_Crocheted_Yellow__Gold__Orange_Rag_Rug___40_x_22

This rug was a lot of fun to work on and it's a big one. This is the largest rug I've ever done and I'm seriously considering doing some more this size. I love these large rugs and amazingly they're very soft and comfortable to walk on, even with all the different types of fabric.

You can see this rug at the following URL:

I even do pet placemats which have turned out to be a real hit with pet owners. They are rag rugs only in very small sizes. I love these little rugs and they can be used as either pet placemats, trivets, or hot pads. Whatever you want them to be.

Why not pamper and spoil your pet this holiday season with a custom made rug for their food and water dishes. You won't have to worry about scattered food or water drips on the floor again. Plus, these wash up beautifully and will last a very long time.

You can see these custom pet placemats at the following URL: