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Monday, December 28, 2009

Very Busy Week

What a busy week it has been around here. My grand daughters surprised me with a new puppy the week of Christmas and there hasn't been an ounce of peace and quiet around here since. I have a min pin/chi male that my best friend got me in 2008 and the girls got me this one, who is a female and only 2 1/2 months old, for Christmas. As you can see they have worn themselves out in this photo. Talk about a peaceful time when they both go to sleep.

She seems to think the toys are all hers and poor Chance doesn't know how to handle that problem, considering they are all HIS toys she's playing with. If he grabs a toy she thinks she has to have it instead and the tug of war is on. She's actually won a couple times which surprised me.

I had gotten him a stuffed toy for Christmas and as you can see she has taken full custody of it. It's darn near as big as she is. She's so small, she's the runt of the litter and weighs out at a scrappy 3 pounds. She does know how to strut when she gets her way or backs the adult away.

She's arguing with the male right here. As you can see she's pretty small. That slipper is bigger than she is.

Poor Chance, he's the one you can barely see in the photo, doesn't know what to do with this fisty little ball of energy. I try to help him out as much as I can so he doesn't feel so overwhelmed.